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Which openstack version is supported to use the openvswitch v2.9.2?

Hi All, As a project requirement , i have to use openvswitch v2.9.2 .

My scenario: two node setup: host1(controller+network), host2(compute)

When i am installing the nova service , neutron service it automatically installing openvswitch v2.11 as a dependancy along with others like libopenvswitch ,python-openvswitch .

With my project changes i have created the rpm of the v2.9.2 and started running as a service and later on when i install above mentioned services its removing v2.9.2 ovs and installing latest v2.11 ovs.

So how do i need to proceed to make use of v2.9.2? Do i need to change to some older openstack version ? Which openstack version will be supported to use ovs 2.9.2 ?

Please help me on this..working on this issue since 2 weeks but i didn't found the alternative.

Thanks, Vill.