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Is it possible to skip releases when upgrading with Kolla?

Hi all,

we have a production environment deployed with Kolla-Ansible using the Queens release. We would like to upgrade to Stein, as Queens is running out of maintenance at the end of October.

I have created a testing environment in the cloud resembling the essential parts and configuration of our production environment. I can easily deploy Queens, Rocky, or Stein using Kolla-Ansible. However, when trying to upgrade from Queens to Rocky, results are at least unstable.

The upgrade from Rocky to Stein worked quite well, and I was able to somehow do a 3/4 + 1 step upgrade from Queens to (Rocky) to Stein, where the upgrade to Rocky was about 3/4 successful. However, I am uncertain as to the completeness and quality of this upgrade. The Glance registry was removed, that's a no-brainer. Other than that, everything seems to work at first glance. Heat caused some trouble, which is why I removed it from the upgrade and then enabled and deployed it again afterwards. This would be a viable solution for the production environment, as Heat is currently not used.

Does anyone have any experience with such upgrades? Has anyone tried to skip a release and do a direct upgrade?

Thanks and best regards, Björn