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How do I assign Static, Unique Hostnames to Internal IPs?

I am using openstack havana on CentOS 6.4 baremetal machines. I am using FlatDHCPManager with a single VLAN. There will be multiple tenants all using this VLAN. By default, when a tenant launches an instance, the instance hostname is identical to the instance's display name. Because tenants are not going to know about each other instances, it will be quite easy for two tenants to unknowingly launch instances where both instances have the same hostname. And indeed if you do an nslookup on the vlan, two or more A records are returned for the same IP address.

To avoid this problem, I want to be able to configure the compute nodes to assign a specific, static hostname for a given IP address. Ideally, I'd like to mimic the behavior an amazon VPC in this regard. In an amazon vpc, the hostname is built from the given IP address. For example, if the ip address is, then the hostname is ip-10-0-50-5.

I know that the Designate service would probably give me what I want and i'll do that if that's the only option. But I was really hoping for a simple configuration change to achieve this. Designate seems like a bit of overkill for what I would think is a fairly simple DNS use case.

That all said, if Designate is really the only option here, then I would really appreciate it if someone could point me to some instructions on how to set up Designate to do what I am asking for.