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DELL EMC VMAX2 Fibre Channel Question

Hello Everyone,


We are looking at deploying an OpenStack cloud and have been doing some development and testing internally. We want to us our existing DELL EMC VMAX2 series (VMAX 40k) SAN which uses fibre Channel. Each compute node currently has fibre channel cards installed and access to the same luns via redundant switch fabrics.

We were excited to see that Dell EMC has driver support within Cinder, however it looks like the model has changed from SMI-S to Unisphere for direct communication with the SAN. I understand the desire to change because Unisphere has a REST API. The VMAX2 series however does not support the REST API in Unisphere and so support for this series SAN has seemingly been depreciated and removed from the current Cinder driver.


1. Does anyone have experience using VMAX2 with OpenStack?

2. What options do we have for using the SAN with fibre channel as the block level storage for our compute nodes if our vendor does not have a current driver for Cinder?

3. Is it possible to use the older driver that supported our SAN in the current Cinder releases? Repercussions?

Additional Info:

Ocata looks to be the last version that still supports the VMAX2 using the supplied driver

It is my Understanding that Pike and newer use the REST based driver which no longer supports VMAX2.