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Packstack pci passthrough for allinone-answers.cfg

I'm trying to install an OpenStack (Queens) Controller and two Compute nodes configured for PCI Passthrough. The OS is CentOS 7.6. Based on the documentation I've found, the two "allinone-answers.cfg" commands I should be using are:

CONFIG_NOVA_PCI_ALIAS={"vendor_id":"8086", "product_id":"1521", "device_type":"type-PCI", "name":"GbE_eno2"} CONFIG_NOVA_PCI_PASSTHROUGH_WHITELIST={"address":"01:00.1"}

(I obtained the values by using "lspci -nn | grep 'Network Connection'" on the Compute nodes. They are for an Intel i350 4-port GbE card.)

Regardless of the variation used (with or without spaces, quotes, curved brackets, etc.) they still generate a similar version of this error: “Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Function Call, Syntax error: {"vendor_id:8086", "product_id:1521", "device_type:type-PCI", "name:GbE_eno2"} is not an Array or JSON encoded String at /var/tmp/packstack/182ec9b79e4e44378e8bc7ebfde8c208/modules/nova/manifests/compute/pci.pp:24:25 on node”

Is there an additional command(s) I should be using? Is there a nuance about the two commands that I'm missing?