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Is it possible to migrate a shutoff VM(instance) to another particular compute(host) without evacuation option.

[stack@undercloud (overcloudrc) ~]$ nova list --all --fields host,name,status,instance_name,power_state | grep Shutdown

| 0ea02d36-3e50-4a03-b34f-f88c00b06c6a | overcloud-ovscompute-1.localdomain | TestVM3 | SHUTOFF | instance-000000cf | Shutdown |

[stack@undercloud (overcloudrc) ~]$ openstack server migrate 0ea02d36-3e50-4a03-b34f-f88c00b06c6a overcloud-sriovperformancecompute-0.localdomain usage: openstack server migrate [-h] [--live <hostname>] [--shared-migration | --block-migration] [--disk-overcommit | --no-disk-overcommit] [--wait] <server> openstack server migrate: error: unrecognized arguments: overcloud-sriovperformancecompute-0.localdomain [stack@undercloud (overcloudrc) ~]$