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Keystone: "The service catalog is empty." when issuing command

Hi all,

I'm just back after installing Keystone following the OpenStack docs: Install and configure of Keystone.

I'm running CentOS 7 and OpenStack Stein.

I've noted on this page a missing step on the recipe (keystone-manage db_sync that creates the tables on keystone DB and keystone-manage bootstrap ... well, I'd like to know what exactly performs this command!).

Well, issuing the command:

openstack domain create --description "An Example Domain" example

(as documented in Create a domain, projects, users, and roles) I get the following message:

The service catalog is empty.

Also issuing the command openstack domain list I get the same result.

On /var/log/keystone.log I have:

WARNING keystone.access_rules_config.backends.json [-] No config file found for access rules, application credential access rules will be unavailable.: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/keystone/access_rules.json'

On /var/log/httpd/keystone_access.log I have all 201 (Created) status or 200 when raising commands.

So, it's sure I'm missing something in my configuration; any help will be strongly appreciated.