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Creating self service network.

Hi, I have used networking option-2 for neutron service.

According to the following guides,

to create self-service network, I need to create a provider network too.

while creating a subnet for the provider network using following command,

openstack subnet create --network provider \
  --allocation-pool start=START_IP_ADDRESS,end=END_IP_ADDRESS \
  --dns-nameserver DNS_RESOLVER --gateway PROVIDER_NETWORK_GATEWAY \
  --subnet-range PROVIDER_NETWORK_CIDR provider

Q1) should i give the dns-nameserver IP address to be one of the ip address in the /etc/resolv.conf in the controller machine ? or can i use google dns-name server

Q2) Should i always give the gateway ip to be the gateway ip which i have used in the controller machine? for example if my gateway ip in the controller is, then should i always provide that only or can i provide random gateway xx.xx.xx.1

Q3) how about assigning allocation-pool for provider network?

Q4) is it necessary to create provider network subnet to create self-service network.

I'm bit confused. Please help me out.