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Support for Virtio-scsi Passthrough


I see "Virtio-scsi Passthrough" has support by block-device-mapping-v2 extension according to the page: ・

But when I try to do it, I met some problems.

1.When "nova boot" with the specified parameter "--block-device id=xxx,source=volume,dest=volume,bus=scsi,type=lun", An error had occurred: boot_devs_dup = (BOOT_DEV_FOR_TYPE[dev['type']] for dev in KeyError: u'lun'. It seems can not support "type=lun".

2.First I added a "hw_scsi_model:virtio-scsi" metadata-property to volume, then attached this "Virtio-scsi Passthrough volume" to a VM. But nothing to be changed from the other volumes. And still, I can see "disk type='block' device='disk'" in the xml file.

Could someone please give me an idea of why is this happenning?

thank you very much