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openstack commands are failing with connection abort error

Hello I am trying to run openstack command from outside of openstack cluster the commands were working before but now they are failing with following error ConnectFailure: Unable to establish connection to http://{HORIZON_IP}:8774/v2.1/servers/detail: ('Connection aborted.', error(104, 'Connection reset by peer'))

i am running following command openstack --os-auth-url=http://{HORIZON_IP}:5000/v2.0 --os-project-name={PROJ_NAME} --os-username={USERNAME} --os-password={PWD} server list

The same commands is working if i run it from one of the controller nodes

in httpd/gnocchi_wsgi_error.log i have following error message ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', ResponseNotReady())

Any idea what could be wrong Thanks in advance