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DuplicateRecord when assigning floating IP

I have created a zone in Designate like this:

openstack zone create --email ""

I have then created a Heat stack with a router and a network. The network has set as the DNS domain.

I create an instance on and attach to the network. When I assign a floating IP I get an error:

Unable to associate floating IP to fixed IP for instance 4c82477e-5281-499c-8919-c2a62fc9a1e0. 
Error: Request Failed: internal server error while processing your request.
Neutron server returns request_ids: ['req-59fc2242-a59a-4bcf-8cef-9af3e0119da3']

But when I check the instance it has a floating IP assigned and I can reach it properly.

When I check the logs for neutron I see this:

update failed: No details.: Conflict: Duplicate RecordSet

Any ideas on what I might have done wrong, or how to further troubleshoot this?