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increasing size of user data in nova api

hello there! doing a bit of research into increasing the size of user data that can be ingested into the the openstack nova api. currently it looks to be limited at 64 kB, due to the mysql/maria db limitation of the nova_api db > flavors table > description column text type

been searching through the openstack universe to see where potential database upgrades should be submitted to the upstream community, whether via sqlalchemy or other tool, etc., but i'm not sure whether the sql schema is defined and created via code when provisioning openstack.

question 1: where does this sql schema code live?

question 2: where would be the best place to submit a contribution to add this upgraded feature of a bigger column value?

question 3: in terms of community reception, do i need to submit changes for both normal openstack and devstack code bases, or just one?

note: for the moment, i'd like to focus only on the nova api improvement, and not address the 16 kB limitation in the devstack horizon web interface.

think i found the relevant code in the nova api python app codebase itself already.

thank you for the help!

.: sudobasher