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In my kolla openstack deployment, Why is br-ex conflicting with external traffic?

Hi I am trying to setup openstack with kolla-ansible (queens version) docker.

In my lab setup, I have 2 interfaces for each of compute and controller hosts. The 2 interfaces are bonded (bond0) and traffic outside is tagged as vlans.

eth0, eth1 are the physical interfaces,
bond0 bonded on eth0, eth1.
bond0.123 has management network with vlan tag 123

In the globals.yml I have these:

network_interface: "bond0.123"
neutron_external_interface: "bond0"
eutron_plugin_agent: : openvswitch
enable_neutron_provider_networks: "yes"
enable_neutron_dvr: "no"

Once I deploy the deployment continues until the installation of the openvswitch. After the openvswitch is deployed I am loosing the connections from outside via the IP on bond0.123!

I can see the kolla deployment is creating 3 bridges (br-tun, br-int and br-ext). Why does the creation of these bridges conflict with the outside traffic on bond0.123 ?? And is there a way to restrict kolla not to use this br-tun to create traffic between the VMs ?