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[Gnocchi] Can't get the memory.resident metric.

Hello, I'm testing Ceilometer Gnocchi service and I'm having some problems in gathering memory.resident metric. Whenever I execute

gnocchi metric list | grep memory.resident

It looks like nothing happens at all.

This is the output if i run

gnocchi metric list | grep memory

+--------------------------------------+---------------------+---------------------------------+-----------+--------------------------------------+ | id | archive_policy/name | name | unit | resource_id | +--------------------------------------+---------------------+---------------------------------+-----------+--------------------------------------+ | 86764287-1d1b-4342-bdad-a8d4f6392c05 | ceilometer-low | memory.usage | MB | 96eb2bcb-e4bd-4bf0-b8b1-b599e43404a9 |

The version of Openstack is Queens and has been deployed with Juju and MaaS. I modified the /etc/nova/nova.conf file of the compute nodes enabling CPU and memory measurements in this way: compute_monitors = cpu.virt_driver, numa_mem_bw.virt_driver

Any kind of advice is highly appreciated