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Extending RDO installation with additional Compute Nodes

I'm not sure how to extend an existing RDO Multi-Node installation with additional compute nodes with Packstack. For instance I've a 3 node RDO Installation with one controller and 2 compute nodes and would like to add a 3rd compute node to my installation.

Can I use the same answer file from the first setup and extend the CONFIG_NOVA_COMPUTE_HOSTS like this with the 3rd server IP:


And set EXCLUDE_SERVERS in the answer file:


Description of EXCLUDE_SERVERS in Packstack answer file:

Comma separated list of servers to be excluded from installation in case you are running Packstack the second time with the same answer file and don't want Packstack to touch these servers. Leave plain if you don't need to exclude any server.

Or shall it be sufficient to set only the new server IP like this and run packstack against the answer file?:


And set:


Does Packstack update the DB and install the packages on the 3rd node and update all config files on all nodes?

Thanks for your help in advance!