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What is the meaning of these "roles" used in the docs?

I'm trying to set up an OpenStack testing environment using Ansible to deploy on two VMs. The real-life setup will feature four machines: One machine is supposed to be the "manager", the other machines provide the resources.

My problem is the following: I'm trying to follow this guide, but I often come across labels for machines that I don't know the meaning of:

  • What is the "storage host"? I have three machines providing storage, and one that is supposed to manage the storage. Is it the managing machine? If so, what is the physical device path that I need here?
  • What is a "storage node"? Is it the same as the storage host?
  • What is a "compute node"? I'm guessing it's the machines that provide the computation power?
  • What is a "network node"?

Thanks in advance, I'm sorry if I'm asking dumb questions but I really don't understand the docs.