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Unable to establish connection to keystone endpoint.

I am trying to perform Openstack installation on Ubuntu Server 16.04
I am using following scenario.

Host Machine : Windows 7 ( IP : installed VMWare application in it.

Guest Machine : Ubuntu Server 16.04 (IP : provided by VMWare DHCP

Network Adapter : NAT ( VMNet8)

successfully installed openstack on it.

later when I want to access openstack dashboard from my host machine ( , I changed network adapter of my virtual machine to bridged , so it changes my virtual machine IP address to
. so now , when i try to connect from my host machine, it open user authetication screen . I entered username as admin and password as mypassword(set by me in local.conf file) But it failed with error Unable to establish connection to keystone endpoint. I checked error log file /var/log/apache2/horizon_error.log , it gives following error

ERROR openstack_auth.plugin.base Unable to establish connection to : HttpConnectionPool( Host='' ,port='80')

this means that horizon using my old IP address ( So please help to change my old IP address with new IP address.How to update new IP address is . I changed my local.conf file with this new IP. please help me to solve this