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Zun not starting up

using kolla-ansible to deploy my environment, I added zun and kuryr and noticed that I got errors when trying to work on containers via horizon. Then I found out that the zun_compute container is restarting and wont boot up. Kuryr is fine though.

[root@kolla1 kolla]# docker ps |grep zun
0785e894c238        kolla/centos-source-zun-compute:rocky                 "dumb-init --single-c"   15 hours ago        Restarting (1) 19 minutes ago                       zun_compute
27ea20e663f5        kolla/centos-source-zun-wsproxy:rocky                 "dumb-init --single-c"   34 hours ago        Up 34 hours                                         zun_wsproxy
3c82f29b23a3        kolla/centos-source-zun-api:rocky                     "dumb-init --single-c"   34 hours ago        Up 34 hours                                         zun_api
[root@kolla1 kolla]#
[root@kolla1 kolla]# docker ps |grep kur
e0fe62d4e052        kolla/centos-source-kuryr-libnetwork:rocky            "dumb-init --single-c"   34 hours ago        Up 34 hours                                         kuryr
[root@kolla1 kolla]#

Tried restarting the containers but zun_compute still wont run. Logs also is not help as I don't see any relevant error messages.