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OpenStack Newton Performance Issue

Running into a very similar issue as some have previously reported in OpenStack Newton.

Both CLI and API calls to nova (example: GET http://$url:8774/v2/$id/servers/detail) become slower and slower as VM's accumulate. I'm talking like every 50 VM's speed (in requesting/build new VM's and getting the list) drops 1-2secs in response. I'm finding that as nova builds more VM's / more VM's are active the latency increases.

I've tried everything from increasing/decreasing threads and workers and nothing seems to help. We're using memcached, and all max connections in the supporting components: GaleraDB, HAproxy, Rabbitmq, etc... look okay. Furthermore, the system specs that the controllers run on are way more than needed (only using about 20% of a 72core / 500GB bare metal blade)

Anyone run into this, is it a known problem in Newton? Any workarounds or upgrades known to fix this?