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How to configure Neutron on public cloud immediately after OpenStack installation?

I have just installed an OpenStack distribution (RDO) on a public cloud (Google Cloud Platform). They have given me ONE public IP address.

1) I see a 172.24... default public IP address configured automatically which I am unable to remove. How did this get there and why can't I remove it?

2) How to add just one public IP address given to me ( The /32 CIDR notation on Add Network doesn't work on OpenStack Horizon.

3) After installation, OpenStack says the dashboard is available as http://internal_IP/dashboard and it works. However, I want to configure routing such that http://allocated_external_IP/dashboard routes to http://internal_IP/dashboard. How to do that. By default http://allocated_external_IP/ routes to http://internal_IP/ (without the /dashboard).

If anyone has set this up with one floating IP address before on a public cloud platform, please let me know. Thanks!

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