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Balancing CPU Load in Openstack

Hello, I am a newbie to OpenStack. We are trying to work on implementing some CPU Load Balancing Algorithms in OpenStack. I am aware that Neutron in OpenStack Havana supports LBaaS (Load Balancing as a Service). But this kind of a load balancing relates to the load balancing of network aspects. We are interested in balancing the computational load on the servers in the cloud using Load Balancing. Essentially we would like to implement algorithms like Ant Colony Optimization, Active Clustering etc., in Openstack. But these algorithms should balance only the computational load so that at any given instant of time no server is overloaded or underloaded with jobs. I would like to know how we should go about implementing these algorithms and in which modules/components these algorithms must be implemented. Is there a possibility to implement these algorithms in Nova -Compute component?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank You.