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Magnum failed with timeout

hi everyone , I hope I can understand more the cause of my problem with magnum creating cluster I did create template docker-swarm then create cluster with 1 master and 2 node . After 60 minute I get create failed on the swarm-masters with the reason "CREATE aborted (Task create from ResourceGroup "swarm_masters" Stack "cluster-docker-sv7lgo2y2wkd" [853e38d3-3a50-4111-8859-719481ed8aac] Timed out) " and when I check what was happening that the cluster added the network and router and the security group also a volume was attach it to the instance and also associated Floating ip also the instance running !! I don't get why it failed in the swarm-masters !!! some help please will be great !! here you can check the syslog of my controller node: image description