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FPGA - PCI VF(SRIOV) device passing to nova VM instance


I have been working on a Xilinx FPGA based offloading solution with SRIOV capabilities.The FPGA offload engine is presented to VM as PCI-VF, So each VM can attach to a VF and work. we are able run standalone qemu commands to pass VF to VM instance using following argument to Qemu comandline

-device vfio-pci,host=01:00.4

In VM the PCI-VF is detecting as a memory controller.

I have been trying to do same with openstack for a demo purpose. my intention is to start VM instance from openstack(Devstack on single machine running ubuntu) with PCI-VF pass-through capability.

This is not a network related application.i have found a guide But it for NIC based HW solutions and mine is different.

Also i have read about Cyborg, but unable to find examples or commands to use Cyborg .