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Some VMs floating IPs not pingable for created VMs

Hi everyone,

I am new to Openstack so please bear with me :)

We have a deployment where we create 1-12 stacks at a time (running RHEL and ubuntu). In the past few weeks we have been dealing with a problem where some VMs within the stacks (totally random) are not pingable. I can see from horizon that the floating IP is assigned, but I cannot ping it. The one way to fix that VM is reboot it, then it works.

One thing I see that I find strange is I have no namespace running for that network (range for floating IPs for my VM). If I do ps -ef | grep dnsmasq, every other network is there except the range for floating IPs. When I run 'ip netns list; I see the 'qrouter-<id> pertaining to that network's router, but not the qdhcp-<id>.

My question is, could this be related to my VMs randomly not obtaining their IPs? How do then the VMs that do get IPs work of the namespace for this network is not running?

Also, I checked this network is assigned to the only DHCP agent that is running for all my stacks.

Thank you in advance