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Update Nova endpoint

I'm currently running Openstack Queens on Ubuntu 18.04. I decided to start using SSL for my API endpoints. I've updated the endpoints, and they are now pointing to an haproxy server that handles all the SSL for me (so there is SSL communication from end-user to the haproxy server, after which it is plain text to the controller and other nodes).

All of my services seem to work except for Nova for some reason. It looks like the endpoints haven't updated properly. When I run 'nova list' it shows the HTTP endpoint, but when I check it against the 'openstack endpoint list' I can see the HTTPS endpoints. Any help would be appreciated.

root@controller-01:~# nova list

ERROR (ConnectFailure): Unable to establish connection to ('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine("''",))

root@controller-01:~# openstack endpoint list | grep nova | cut -d '|' -f 4-

nova | compute | True | internal | |

nova | compute | True | admin | |

nova | compute | True | public | |