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cloud-init not pulling ssh key from metadata service on VMware

I am testing the Havana release with a mix of compute nodes, KVM and VMware using the VCDriver on one of the compute nodes. I can finally get instances to launch on both KVM and VMware nodes and even get block storage working. However, I can't get public-key injection to work on a custom imported vmdk image that contains the cloud-init package. The cloud Ubuntu image on KVM works fine.

In the boot log, it shows:

cloud-init start running: Fri, 07 Feb 2014 15:32:08 +0000. up 13.65 seconds no instance data found in start

In the cloud-init.log it shows:

2014-02-07 08:32:08,517 -[DEBUG]: Did not find data source. searched classes: ['DataSourceNoCloudNet', 'DataSourceConfigDriveNet', 'DataSourceAzureNet', 'DataSourceOVFNet', 'DataSourceMAAS']

However, I can reach the metadata service running on the VMware driver compute node:

$ curl 1.0 2007-01-19 2007-03-01 2007-08-29 2007-10-10 2007-12-15 2008-02-01 2008-09-01 2009-04-04 latest

So I'm not sure why this particular image is not able to pull the metadata? Is there some post cloud-init installation configuration that needs to be set in my custom image?