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patching a Tacker bug in devstack queens

I'm using devstack stable/Queens branch (but am not an openstack developer.)

I seem to have run across a Tacker bug when launching a VNF, based on the tosca alarm-scaling example code supplied with Queens:

tacker vnf-create --vnfd-name tosca-vnfd-alarm-scale --vim-id 5017498e-b07e-4fc7-b4b1-63b3a625a27f --description "sample scaling with alarm , cirros0.4.0" sample-vnf-scaling

heat-translator failed: - [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'SP1_res.yaml'

this heat-translator bug seems to be fixed here with a fix to link text

fix date of 28/2/2018 seems to have missed Queens release.

I can't find this .py file in /opt/stack/tacker....

so is there a quick(ish) way of patching in one file or not ? (one can hope..)

alternative is to restack with the latest version of Tacker ? (and all service plugins in local.conf should be switched to Master branch in this case?

e.g from local.conf


enable_plugin tacker stable/queens


enable_plugin tacker master

likely dependency issues with plugins on stable/queens branch?

(and maybe Rocky is due in 5 days...)