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How to boot windows instance from ISO?

My goal is that I want to run a Windows Server instance in openstack and I'm confused as to how to achieve this.

I have a Centos7 server running Queens all-in-one. I have copied the Windows Server ISO to this server as well as a separate ISO which contains the virtio drivers.

My problem is that if I do manage to boot an instance from the Windows ISO, there's no way to perform an installation to the empty volume because I need to install drivers (from another ISO) to allow the instance to see the storage volume.

I can't see any way of attaching 2 CDROM devices into the instance at boot time. I've tried making a volume out of the windows ISO and booting from the volume with the drivers ISO attached but the volume does not boot the instance and is stuck at the bios screen.

Any suggestions on this?

I've even tried making a new ISO from the two separate ISOs using centos CLI tools but I couldnt find a good source of info on that so I ended up with a non-bootable ISO.

Can we hot-plug CDROM devices? So after booting the windows installer, can I detach and attach the drivers? Then after driver install, detach and attach the windows ISO once more?