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issue in building neutron-server image kolla(stable/queens)

Hi, while building neutron-server image (kolla(queens)) we get following error:

INFO:kolla.common.utils.neutron-server:Processing /plugins/neutron-lbaas-12.0.0
INFO:kolla.common.utils.neutron-server:Could not satisfy constraints for 'neutron-lbaas': installation from path or url cannot be constrained to a version
INFO:kolla.common.utils.neutron-server:Removing intermediate container 8ed6caf95c97
ERROR:kolla.common.utils.neutron-server:Error'd with the following message
ERROR:kolla.common.utils.neutron-server:The command '/bin/sh -c pip --no-cache-dir install --upgrade -c /requirements/upper-constraints.txt "networking-hyperv>=5.0.0,<6.0.0"     && if [ "$(ls /plugins)" ]; then            pip --no-cache-dir install --upgrade -c /requirements/upper-constraints.txt /plugins/*;        fi' returned a non-zero code: 1

We are using kolla(stable/queens)

please help.