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Placement service resource provider warnings (Queens)

nova-status upgrade check on controller node get warnings for resource provider. I'm following Queens installation guide and all the services are up and received no error. However,

| Check: Resource Providers                                         |
| Result: Warning                                                   |
| Details: There are no compute resource providers in the Placement |
|   service but there are 1 compute nodes in the deployment.        |
|   This means no compute nodes are reporting into the              |
|   Placement service and need to be upgraded and/or fixed.         |
|   See                                                             |
|      |
|   for more details.                                               |

[placement] config in both controller and compute nodes is as follows:

region-name = RegionOne
project_domain_name = Default
project_name = service
auth_type = password
user_domain_name = Default
auth_url =
username = placement
password = xxxx

I have checked all the logs in nova, keystone, apache, I don't find any error and all the compute services are up and enabled. I have looked into database manually as well (nova and nova_api). I have only one compute node and placement api returns success in nova-status upgrade check too. May I know some possible places to look into to fix this resource provider warnings. Thank you.