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Issue with IPv6 address assignment on provider network with Windows instances

I'm running OpenStack Queen (fresh install) and have a provider network that provides both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. The IPv6 addresses are provided by an upstream router that uses RAs "Assisted Mode". All of the Linux instances attached to the provider network obtain the correct IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and match what is shown for the IP address listed on the dashboard. For some reason, the Windows instances (currently Windows 7 and Windows 2012 R2) obtain the correct IPv4 address, but obtain a different IPv6 address than what's shown in the dashboard (the IPv6 address is on the correct network, just not what has been assigned to the instance). Because the address doesn't match, the instance cannot communicate on IPv6. If I manually set the IPv6 address in the instance to what is shown as assigned in the dashboard, the Windows instances can communicate via IPv6. I have already disabled privacy extensions in the images, but they still get these alternate assigned IPv6 addresses. Has anyone run into this issue and know of a way to resolved it, other than manually setting the IPv6 address in the instances?