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Windows Server 2008 migration from Hyper-v to Openstack

Hello All,

I am new to Openstack. I have been migrating vms from hyperv to open stack via a staging server running on Wok. We are doing the manual way of migration like 1. exporting the vm disk and used dism to add the virtio drivers 2. covert to img file and copy to wok and process the .wims 3. then copy the img to openstack and boot up.

I am fine with this method on win 2008r2 2012 and 2012 2 servers, however on windows 2008 server i can't insert or intall the virtio drivers using dism, it always gives me error 50.

Can anyone suggest a better method of migrating a Windows Server 2008 from hyper-V to Openstack? I would really appreciate any help and suggestions.