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How to upgrade quantum to neutron

In havana release notes, before upgrading openstack network service to neutron, it specifies some ways to follow. However, I have an issue with this guide. First of all, these are the points given:

- Ensure that the database is stamped for Grizzly prior to stopping service.quantum-db-manage --config-file /path/to/quantum.conf --config-file /path/to/plugin/conf.ini stamp grizzly
- Stop quantum-server and deploy the Neutron code Do not start the neutron-server at this time.
- Run Havana Migration neutron-db-manage --config-file /path/to/quantum.conf --config-file /path/to/plugin/conf.ini upgrade havana
- Start neutron-server

My problem is how to deploy neutron code without starting it. If I install it, it is automatically started. However, eventually, I will run neutron-db-manage. Should I run it from neutron package before installation? Or is there another way to do it? Thanks.