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Problem connecting external host to vxlan

What I need: connect external host to the neutron VXLAN subnet (for Octavia deployment).
What I did:

  • created network&subnet on neutron
  • spawned OpenStack VM with this subnet
  • created vxlan-ID interface on my external host with static address from neutron subnet
    (ip link add vxlanXX type vxlan id XX dev br0.yy dstport 0, and so on..)

What happens:

  • when I ping subnet ha-router from external host, there is no effect
  • when I ping external host from neutron namespace for this qrouter, ping starts to work in a few seconds on both sides.
  • when I try to ping any nova instance inside this subnet, there is no connection
  • when I add routing to this subnet via neutron ha-router (x.x.x.1), I got redirects, but still no connection
  • when I login to the nova instance and add exclusive routing to the my external instance via ha-router, then pings starts working on both sides.

I need to make it working without adding additional routings, or find a way to automatically add them to the newly created Openstack's VMs.
Probably I did some mistakes in above config, so please help me to find a proper way to do that.
All examples I found are about connecting OpenStack subnets with OVS, which I can't use.


  • Ubuntu Xenial
  • OpenStack Queens
  • Neutron with LinuxBridge Agents