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instance boot halting for few minutes


Every time when i boot or hard reboot server(problem doesn't occur on soft reboot), instance is on "active" state, but for system boot i need to wait few minutes. What i see in VNC depends on used image:

  • for ubuntu cloud image i see "booting from Hard Disk..."
  • for debian cloud image i see "booting from Hard Disk.." and below "SYSLINUX 6.03 EED[...]"
  • for ubuntu server install ISO i see blank purple screen

Few facts:

  • when machine finally starts i don't see any unstable IO, all works fine
  • I'm using openstack with ceph backend for cinder.
  • ceph health is ok, all hardware are brand new
  • i don't see anything interesting in libvirt logs but you can read them here:

Maybe someone supposes what's going on or know how to debug this problem? I've stuck with this for almost a week :/ I would be grateful for any help.