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How to get disk usage per vm in Openstack?

Facing issues with disk space on servers which are deployed on Redhat Openstack platform 7. Which APIs or commands do I use from cli to see disk usage details of each VMs which are attached with different projects in OSP platform ? Can anyone help me with APIs or anything you would like to comment on this would appreciate.

My efforts till now:

  • from cli number of VMs can be seen using "nova list --all" which gives details like ID, Name, Tenant Id so I can see all VM names here.
  • from cli "openstack usage list" gives me details about project name list, servers, RAM MB-Hours, CPU Hours, Disk GB-Hours. I am not interested in GB-Hours, I want to see specific GB or MB details. Not sure how do I understand and convert this unit, yet the question is to get VMs disk usage.
  • from cli "openstack usage show --project <id or="" name="">" shows me details of Disk Usage in GB-Hours, but how do I understand this in GB or MB?

Any help would really appreciate. Thanks.