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Slow glance queries > 118 secs


I have installed openstack queens via the openstack install guide

controller keystone glance nova neutron

compute nova neutron

This is a closed network, not acessible by the internet and 1 nic per server which all the services have been configured to use.

Most glance calls are slow. Here is an example of a timing call

openstack compute service list --timing

1 nova-conductor controller

3 nova-consoleauth controller

5 nova-scheduler controller

7 nova-compute compute

GET http://controller:5000/v3 0.006962

POST http://controller:5000/v3/auth/tokens 0.51005

POST http://controller:5000/v3/auth/tokens 0.422818

GET http://controller:8774/v2.1/os-services 118.880411

Total 119.820241

I turned on debug on glance and there appears to be a delay (sometimes 12 secs, sometimes 20 secs, sometimes 60 secs, sometimes no delay at all) at the same point

2018-05-03 07:30:14.573 DEBUG oslo_policy.policy [req-.... - default default] Reloaded policy file: /etc/glance/policy.json _load_policy_file /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/oslo_policy/ 2018-05-03 07:30:26.129 DEBUG oslo_db.sqlalchemy.engines [req-.... - default default] MySQL server mode set to STRICT...,...sql_mode /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/oslo_db/sqlalchemy/

Any help would be appreciated.