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Openstack On LXD - Cannot import images.

Not sure what is going on but every image I try to import ultimately gets into a "queued" status. I have tried to import using Horizon and from the CLI. I have the images on the Host with 777 permissions. The import never completes and I get a 500 error from the glance image service on the CLI.

I suspect it might have something to do with the mysql database but I cannot check it as the conjure-up install seems to create encrypted passwords that I cannot seen to get to them so that I can log onto the mysql instance and check the db config. Not a lot of info out there on how to debug this but I think something in the install from Ubuntu isn't quite complete.

Any pointers would be helpful. I have been banging my head around getting a working environment for weeks. I hope I don't have to drop back and rebuild this entire thing again for the umpteenth time. Trying to learn how to admin openstack instead becoming an openstack install guru.