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mistral interactive shell broken

when using mistral client version 3.1.4, if I start an interactive mistral client shell (e.g. just type "mistral" and hit return), I get the shell prompt, but I am not able to execute a command.

> -bash-4.2# mistral --version
mistral 3.1.4
-bash-4.2# mistral
(mistral) task-list
ERROR (app) 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'tasks'

(mistral) quit

Is this issue known and have a resolution?

If I ask for help within the interactive shell, it does provide the list of available commands..

(mistral) help

Shell commands (type help <topic>):
cmdenvironment  edit  hi       l   list  pause  r    save  shell      show
ed              help  history  li  load  py     run  set   shortcuts

Undocumented commands:
EOF  eof  exit  q  quit

Application commands (type help <topic>):
action-create                environment-delete    task-get-published     
action-delete                environment-get       task-get-result        
action-execution-delete      environment-list      task-list              
action-execution-get         environment-update    task-rerun             
action-execution-get-input   execution-create      workbook-create        
action-execution-get-output  execution-delete      workbook-delete        
action-execution-list        execution-get         workbook-get           
action-execution-update      execution-get-input   workbook-get-definition
action-get                   execution-get-output  workbook-list          
action-get-definition        execution-list        workbook-update        
action-list                  execution-update      workbook-validate      
action-update                help                  workflow-create        
action-validate              member-create         workflow-delete        
bash-completion              member-delete         workflow-get           
complete                     member-get            workflow-get-definition
cron-trigger-create          member-list           workflow-list          
cron-trigger-delete          member-update         workflow-update        
cron-trigger-get             run-action            workflow-validate      
cron-trigger-list            service-list        
environment-create           task-get            


If I provide the entire command from the bash shell, it works (e.g. "mistral task-list" <cr>) so the mistral client can work and successfully interface with the mistral server API's...