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I am Unable to associate Floating IP's with instances created in Openstack?

I get the following Error:

Error: External network ae93dcfa-b7ef-4d74-9c15-b81edd80a38c is not reachable from subnet 92021a0e-ceea-4515-ad1e-3e3ef446b280. Therefore, cannot associate Port 2e83f9d7-59d3-4725-a45a-0950b4bf4ca3 with a Floating IP. Neutron server returns request_ids: ['req-198e170a-cec8-4d53-bc24-fa856c63cf59']

Error: Unable to associate IP address

While creating Instances, I used Public Network

IP's of my Instance looks very much same like Floating IP that I am trying to associate it with: IP of Instance: Floating IP: