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Is it possible to have Compute resources load balancing in Openstack ?

Hi All,

As I move on to Exploring Openstack, Some of the things pointed out my mind.

What if the network load on one of the Instances became much higher than other Instances running, which would result in network slowdown for other instances?

What if the Processing load (Compute resources) demand increases in any if the running instances that can effect other systems performance?

There are many more things that can happen if look at one's use case more seriously. So I was wondering that is there a service, a functionality or something like that present in Openstack that can help me to counter these probelms. Likewise if there is something where we can limit the resources utilisation of an instance upto some extent.

I have read something about Octavia but will that service be of any help to counter these problems?

Please correct me if I am going in a wrong direction and any help would be really appreciated.

thanks !!