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[ocata] [magnum] [neutron] failing to create a cluster on "provider" network

On our ocata openstack install, we've chosen to configure the neutron "option1" "Provider networks" (so not the option with vxlan

This is quite nice and simple for VMs, they get the flat internal IP and we get less network complexity.

Now, we're trying to install and use magnum (which by the way doesn't seem to mention that it requires heat - which we installed for it). The "test the install" part says that creating a subnet is optional so we skipped that.

The template looks like this (trying to replace the external-network from public to provider)

magnum cluster-template-create --name swarm-cluster-template     \
                 --image fedora-atomic-ocata                \
                 --keypair arthur \
                 --external-network provider  \
                 --dns-nameserver   \
                --master-flavor m1.small   \
                --flavor m1.small  \
                 --coe swarm

For the creation of the cluster we get an error :

  magnum cluster-create --name swarm-cluster \
                        --cluster-template swarm-cluster-template

Here is the status_reason :

 ERROR: Failed to validate: : : HEAT-E99001 Service neutron is not available for resource type Magnum::Optional::Neutron::RouterInterface, reason: Required extension router in neutron service is not available.

So my question is this : is it possible to get magnum to work with the provider networks / flat approach or if we want to use it do we have to switch to the vxlan neutron approach ?