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Horizon-Dashboard is not coming after creating the Neutron endpoint in Keystone

Hi I want to implement a professional could system where I am following "" and implementing on Ubuntu 12.0.4.LTS 64 Bit OS. I am following "" instruction step by step. I have finished installing keystone, nova, glance, horizon, cinder and swift. Now according to "" intruction, I am trying to install neutron, but when I put the below keystone command for Neutron endpoint creation in keystone, My Dashboard is not showing error and its not coming. In apache log, it's showing

(OfflineGenerationError: You have offline compression enabled but key "3ddd89d27fa2e162d4efd30c103a072b" is missing from offline manifest. You may need to run "python compress).

The Keystone Command was :

(keystone endpoint-create \

--service-id 9b2562a53f3d4789af25617bd66c0006 \

--publicurl http://controller:9696 \

--adminurl http://controller:9696 \

--internalurl http://controller:9696)

I am stack now. Please help me to overcome it or advice me what need to do to complete the openstack Controller node. Thank you