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How do I pip install openstack-client version matching OSP release?

I am pip installing openstack-client to perform operations from a Mac and I'm experiencing trouble with version mismatches with my OSP 11 cloud.

I've discovered some differences in nova command parameters, specifically around floating IP options when comparing to my RPM install of the client.

My requirements.txt:


Mac with pip:

$ openstack --version
openstack 3.8.1
$ nova --version

Linux with RPM:

$ rpm -q python-openstackclient
$ openstack --version
openstack 3.8.1
$ nova --version

Is it as brute force as finding all the versions of the python-foo RPMs required by python-openstackclient, finding the module versions of all those, and pinning them in my requirements.txt?

Is there perhaps a shortcut to finding the versions of all the python clients associated with a given OSP release?