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Problem with Devstack installation

Hello, I am trying to install devstack and I get the next error message. I don't know how I can repair it.

The error message happens when it is trying create the image of cirros:

openstack --os-cloud=devstack-admin --os-region-name=RegionOne image create cirros-0.3.5-x86_64-disk --public --container-format=bare --disk-format qcow2

502 Bad Gateway: Bad Gateway: The proxy server received an invalid: response from an upstream server.: Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80 (HTTP 502) +functions:upload_image:1 exit_trap +devstack/ local r=1 ++devstack/ jobs -p +devstack/ jobs= +devstack/ [[ -n '' ]] +devstack/ '[' -f /tmp/tmp.6yzdNzcVDh ']' +devstack/ rm /tmp/tmp.6yzdNzcVDh +devstack/ kill_spinner +devstack/ '[' '!' -z '' ']' +devstack/ [[ 1 -ne 0 ]] +devstack/ echo 'Error on exit' Error on exit +devstack/ type -p generate-subunit +devstack/ generate-subunit 1519910429 1875 fail +devstack/ [[ -z /opt/stack/logs ]] +devstack/ /opt/stack/devstack/tools/ -d /opt/stack/logs +devstack/ exit 1

Any idea about this?