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which API to use for nova diagnostics on servers - i.e. VM resource consumption over time ?

Which specific API i can use to collect compute nova VM consumption (i.e. nova list --all which will give me number of VMs) over the time on servers? or in other words Which API can help to capture nova diagnostics over server and hypervisors in openstack ?

My research: - $ nova host-list (command gives list of hosts) - $ nova host-describe <hostname>(command gives cpu,memory,disk details) - nova list --all (command giving me list of VMs) - nova diagnostics <nova id="" or="" name=""> (command gives me details of cpu, memory, vda, vnet details) - nova usage-list (command gives instance, RAM, cpu, disk details)


I do have required API access service endpoints and able to get necessary tokens to test with the APIs.

QUESTION: Which Compute-NOVA API to use to grab above details?