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[Neutron] Cant ping router's external gateway.

I have created the router and networks as outlined in the guide for both provider and selfservice networks. All interfaces on the neutron router show status:active. However, when I try to ping the router's external gateway on anything but the controller node the neutron services are running on, the pings fail. If I ping it on the node running the neutron services, they succeed, but fail on the other controller. If I shut down the controller where the pings succeed, the other controller starts to get pings, but all other nodes still cannot ping.

I have 2 controllers running in different VMs on different servers running qemu/kvm, the api services on the controllers are set up for HA using the HA guide for reference (everything seems to work in that respect). The host servers running the controller VMs have a 10G bond with 2 VLANs on it, the management and provider network VLANs. All all of the traffic between nodes is switched.