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How to use devstack to disable cellV2, and enable cellV1


I am using devstack to test Openstack + Vmware, I do not have NSX service in vcenter. I need to use nova-network, but when I disable neutron (q-** service), enable n-net and run devstack, it report error about using CellV2.

enable_service n-net
disable_service neutron
disable_service q-svc
disable_service q-agt
disable_service q-dhcp
disable_service q-l3
disable_service q-meta
disable_service q-lbaas

How to use devstack to disable cellV2 and enable cellV1.

I set "disable_service n-cell" in local.conf. but it is still not working.

disable_service n-cell

anyone know to do it, please help. Thanks in advance.