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VM's see more details about CPU on older processor


I've saw odd thing yesterday. In my OpenStack cluster i'm using 3 models of CPUs: Intels E3-1230 v2, E3-1241 v3 and E5-2620 v4.

On Intels E3-1230 v2 VM's see:
model name : Intel Xeon E3-12xx v2 (Ivy Bridge)


On Intels E3-1241 v3 and E5-2620 v4 VM's see:
model name : Intel Core Processor (Haswell)


I'm wondering why only on E3-1230 v2 VMs see more detailed information about hypervisor's CPU?

ON all hypervisors I've the same nova.conf with cpu_mode=host-model? Which CPU feature is responsible for this? Is there any easy way to hide processor model inside VM?