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how does kolla configure br-ex?

I deployed using kolla/kolla-ansible 5.0.0 on one compute node and one control node.

How does kolla configure the br-ex bridge??? After deploying, I can see that there are three bridges br-int, br-tun, and br-ex by running ovs-vsctl show

But where is the ifcfg-br-ex files?? Do I need to add the ifcfg-br-ex? I am getting confused with things since openstack services are running within containers,. I am having uses with pinging the floating IP's and router in openstack and I think it is an issue with the br-ex.

I have added all the correct security groups so I know thats NOT the problem.

So I am trying to understand how much I am responsible for configuring the br-ex or does kolla do all that for me?